Villa Antonio Winery


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Our Wines

All of our wines are hand-crafted in the Northern Italian tradition. We grow a variety of grapes on our property for our premium wines. Prices range from $20-$30 per bottle and $7 to $9 per glass.

Dry Reds

Vino Rosa: A blended, light red wine with dry overtones, oak aged from our own select premium grapes.

Chambourcin: A medium-bodied red wine with a smooth ending, dry, oak aged. 

Norton: A smooth, robust, rich, full-bodied dry red wine with spicy overtones and berry flavors. 

Dry Whites

Cayuga White: A refreshing, light, fruity dry wine.

Seyval Blanc: A crisp, medium-bodied, dry white wine.

Chardonel: A full-bodied, dry white wine with intense flavor and aroma.

Sweet Wines


Goccia d’Oro: A special blend of our best white grapes with a slightly dry finish.

Valentino Bianco: A sweet, fruity white wine excellent with desserts or as an aperitif.

Amore: A semi-dry white with lovely floral notes and great finish.


Rosetto: A sweet blush wine with a fruity character, perfect with desserts or for sipping.

Rosso Valentino: A blended, light & sweet red wine with a slightly dry finish.

If you would like to taste several of our wines, you may purchase a wine glass and 5 tokens for $5. Each token is good for a one ounce sample of any of our wines—subject to seasonal availability.